Performances 2007

Cast of Characters
Director                                                   Sherry Ingbritsen
Stage Manager                                      Aliza Gravely        
Back Stage Asst                                    Patricia Michko
Back Stage Asst                                    Martha Sosebee
Back Stage Asst                                    Rebecca Knoff
Sound and Lights                                 Stephen Collins
Lt JG. Daniel A. Kaffee                         Rick Thompson
Col. Nathan Jessep                              Bill Miller
Capt. Jack Ross                                    Martin Gravely
Lt JG. Sam Weinberg                           Jake Cullens
Lance Corp. Harold W. Dawson        Matthew Carter
PFC Louden Downey                           JD Touchton
Capt. Isaac Whitaker                            Chuck Mason
Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick             Mike Yow
Lt. Col. Matthew A. Markinson             Mike Stevens
Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard                   Tyler Ledon
Capt. Julius Alexander Randolph      Jerry Knoff
Cmdr. Walter Stone                              Michael Shikany
Cpl. Hammacker                                   Stephen Garrett Lennox
Sgt @ Arms                                            Stephen Garrett Lennox   
PFC William T. Santiago                     Carson Cerney        
Navy Orderly and Diane                       Sherricka White
Cpl. Thomas and MP #2                      Brad Coggin
Cpl. Dunn and MP #1                           Monte Howell
Sentry                                                      Carson Cerney
"A Few Good Men"
Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by Sherry Ingbritsen
May 24 ~ June 10, 2007
"A Little Princess"
Written by Eleanor V. Lindsay
Directed By Sherry Ingbritsen
Under special arrangement by Eldridge Publishing Co.

July 26 - August 12
"A Little Princess"
Cast List

Director                              Sherry Ingbritsen
Backstage Manager        Beth Baker
Backstage Asst                Martha Sosebee
Backstage Asst                Beth Yates
Backstage Asst                Patricia Michko
Lights and Sound            Stephen Collins
Sara Crewe                       Ariel Gravely
Maria Minchin                    Aliza Gravely
Amelia Minchin                 Leslie Cole
Ermengarde                      Chloe Camp
Becky                                  Heather Knoff
Ram Dass                         Mike Yow
Mr. Carrisford                    Chuck Mason
Capt. Crewe                      Martin Gravely
Mr. Carmichael                 Brian Jones
Lavinia                                Logan Norris
Jessie                                Hannah Baker
Cook                                   Nichole White
Lottie / Anne                      Cherith Yates
Lady Pitkin                         Christina Brown
Mr. Barrow                         JD Touchton
Man on Street                   JD Touchton
Mdm DeFarge                   Margaret Masak
"Charley's Aunt"
Written by Brandon Thomas
Directed By Brian Jones
Under special arrangement by Samuel French Inc.

Duluth's 2nd Stage Theater
Charley's Aunt Program
Character                                        Name

Director / Stephen Spettigue        Brian Jones
Stage Manager                               Rachel Courchene
Lord Fancourt Babberly                 Mike Yow
Jack                                                   Adam Monforton
Charley                                             Jeremy King
Mrs. Brassett                                   Minnie Tee
Kitty Verdun                                      Barbara Capogna-Moras
Amy Spettigue                                 Jocelyn McElroy
Sir Francis (Oct. 11-14)                Jerry Knoff
Sir Francis (Oct. 18-28)                Chuck Mason
Donna Lucia D'Alvadorez             Sherry Ingbritsen
Ela Delahay                                    Christina Brown
A Little Princess Program
"It's A Wonderful Life"
Written by James Rodgers
Directed By Sherry Ingbritsen
Under special arrangement by Dramatic Publishing.

Red Clay Theater and Arts Center

December 6, 2007 to December 23,
Character                                                             Name
Director / Sound Tech                                   Sherry Ingbritsen
Stage Manager/ Mrs. Hatch                         Janel Stover
Lighting Tech                                                  Rick Thompson
George Bailey                                                 Martin Gravely
Clarence Odbody/ Sam Wainwright           Mike Yow
Mr. Gower                                                        Chuck Miller
Young George                                                Chandler Richards
Harry Bailey                                                     Todd Denson
Mother Bailey                                                  Marsha Hunter
Aunt Tilley                                                        Debbie Bush
Violet Peterson                                               Barbara Moras
Emma/ Miss Carter                                       Nichole White
Bert/ Mr. Welch                                               Charles David Puckett
Uncle Billy                                                        Steven Miller
Mary Hatch                                                       Aliza Gravely
Henry Potter                                                    Chuck Mason
Mr. Potters Secretary                                     Glory Hanna
Miss Andrews                                                 Sandra Havriluk
Mrs. Thompson                                              Corey McHargue
Mr. Martini                                                        George Kraynak
Mrs. Martini                                                      Cathy Seith
Tommy/ Newspaper Boy                              Martin Gravely III
Pete Bailey                                                      Journey Stanfield
Zuzu Bailey                                                      Alexis Seith
Janie Bailey                                                     Ariel Gravely
Soloist                                                              Christina Brown             
Soloist                                                              Rebecca Crowford       Back Stage
Tech                                            Phillip Dean                   Back Stage
Tech                                            Amanda Ingbritsen